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In our experience, there is no substitute for the human element in an otherwise robotic process, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.  By serving and building a genuine relationship with the visitor, we can educate them, make them feel important and understood and make them feel comfortable taking the next step.  In doing so, we can guarantee a positive return on investment.

SiteStaff live chat software is secure and guarantees compliance with every chat and email we send.

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You need it; we provide it. We are here 24/7 to aid you with your live chat software needs.

Our college-educated, American Chat Hosts are recruited, hired and trained to do one thing: provide flawless chat for your business.

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Buying Has Changed

Bill Jennings, Owner/CEO of SiteStaff, explains how live chat is an integral part of the new buying process. Live chat gives a website visitor the same greeting and experience as someone who would be physically visiting your place of business.

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    During this unprecedented time, senior living communities have risen admirably to the call to lock-down residents and comply with stringent federal requirements for disinfection, infection control and other life-saving protocols. In addition to the dedicated staff who are working day and night for seniors in their care, are live chat…

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