I’ve been meaning to do this forever but wanted to finally (and formally) thank you and your staff for the wonderful service you’ve been providing us. Each time I receive a chat I am impressed by their professionalism and knowledge. Initially we were cautious and apprehensive about teaming with someone for a service like this because we hold such high standards for our staff when corresponding with patients. Boy was I proven wrong! Your team continues to exceed expectations and provide the highest level of customer care. We trust your team with each and every one of our patients and their questions. Thank you for being such an important piece of our patient experience! Kudos to the SiteStaff team!


“SiteStaff is much more than a live chat service. SiteStaff is a shining light to prospects and family members nationwide looking for a home for their loved one. The team at SiteStaff is knowledgable and empathetic, guiding older adults and their family members through the overwhelming options available in senior living. Within a few seconds of being on the community website, I was greeted by a team member ready to assist me in finding the perfect place for my loved one. SiteStaff is a fantastic addition to any organization looking to engage prospects within the first touch-point and maintain competitive advantage.

– Melinda Gisbert, Bloom Marketing, Inc.

“We have enjoyed working with SiteStaff for two years. From the very beginning, we found them to be personable and caring, and interested in providing the best quality service available. Before we added them to our website, they wanted to really understand what we did and how we worked with families so the SiteStaff team could operate as an extension of us. It has worked beautifully. Once the Site Staff team has a conversation with someone visiting our website, our team is immediately notified of it with a full transcript. We have successful converted 80% of these into customers. (They) have created a chat experience for website visitors that leaves them with a sense of trust and caring. I would highly recommend SiteStaff for business owners that know they need to add chat service as a feature. This team cares!”

– – Wendy Rinehart, FSC

“Our inquiries have gone up about 30 percent from our website. They’re able to have some type of interaction with the practice; there’s somebody talking to them, there’s a physical connection that they’re making. They’re getting an immediate answer to their questions and it’s lead to more consultations. Bottom line is, “How much more money am I going to make? Will I see an increase in revenue? Will my website be more effective? Can I convert more visitors?” And I’ve seen that through SiteStaff. All my clients care about is making more money. Can they make more money? Is it successful? And because I felt that way about it with my wife’s practice is the reason why I refer to my clients.”

– Rick Manzano, Creative Take Medical

“SiteStaff’s chat hosts are really well-trained to deal with more of an emotional selling process; making people feel comfortable. It definitely has improved our close ratios with our online leads. You’re going to see results within that first month. The cost per lead is lower than almost all other advertising. I don’t have any other streams that come in at that low of a rate.”

– Shawn Northcutt, St. Andrew’s Village

“SiteStaff has a personality that can empathize with what the live chat person is going through. They’re very professional and caring and giving. It’s a very emotional purchase. SiteStaff is fabulous and if you have the opportunity to use them, you absolutely should. ”

– Jamie Donile, Belmont Village

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