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Your firm, and the way you represent yourself online, are pivotal to your credibility and your reputation to clients and prospects.

Our live chat is HIPAA-compliant and private.  Leads are channeled through secure servers to your inbox.  Chats and transcripts are stamped with legal disclaimers so we protect the conversation and your liability.

Our chat hosts are expertly trained to communicate with empathy and service while directly addressing only what is allowed by you, our legal client.

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Below is an example of our live chat outsourcing in action.

Employment Law Example

11-08-15 11:30:52  Visitor : Do you offer free consultations?
11-08-15 11:31:02  Chat Host : Hello! (10-second response time)
11-08-15 11:31:16   Chat Host : We do offer complimentary consultations!
11-08-15 11:31:28  Chat Host : With whom do I have the pleasure of chatting today?
11-08-15 11:31:44   Visitor : XXX XXXXXXXXX (name)
11-08-15 11:31:55  Chat Host : It is nice to meet you, XXX! (service-first greeting)
11-08-15 11:33:18  Visitor : I was terminated X/X/15 after severe harassment and I believe retaliation. I was offered a PIP but was never truly given the opportunity to complete it.
11-08-15 11:34:02  Chat Host : I understand. I am very sorry to hear that has happened to you. We focus our practice in employment law representing workers who have suffered an injustice at work, whether that injustice be discrimination, retaliation, harassment or not being paid the proper wages or overtime pay so I am confident we can help. (Chat hosts expresses empathy and establishes a comfortable rapport and emotional connection)
11-08-15 11:34:12   Chat Host : I’d be happy to help set up that consultation for you, XXX. (Call to action)
11-08-15 11:34:28  Chat Host : With that in mind, may I please have the best number in which we may reach you?
11-08-15 11:34:51   Visitor : Thank you. How do we proceed?


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Addressing personal and emotional concerns, making visitors feel comfortable, educated and willing to take the next step is our primary directive. Chat with us now or schedule a demo to learn more.