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According to Lewis B. Smedes, “Nothing is more private than a woman’s body; it is her physical, emotional, and moral citadel. She cannot be free at all if she is not free to decide for herself, in private, what to do with her body.”

We couldn’t type it better ourselves.

SiteStaff provides a private, unobtrusive communication tool that, at the visitor’s own speed, allows them to ask questions and feel comfortable before they are mentally prepared to speak with your practice.  The end result is a confident, motivated, ready-to-proceed-to-consult lead. Live chat for cosmetic surgeons never looked so good.

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Is Live Chat HIPAA Compliant?

It’s safe to state that we fear non-compliance as much as you do.  We take all the measures we can to ensure we keep information safe, including:

  1. HIPAA Privacy Policy in every chat and email we send.
  2. Secured servers to protect any sensitive information shared within chat conversations.
  3. HIPAA Compliant web forms.
  4. Waiver signatures from all of our gifted Chat Hosts.

We are devoted students and servants, in that order, so we’re constantly asking our clients what we can do better, including keeping their information – and that of their clients and prospects – safe.   Progressive legislation, especially on the state level, makes it challenging and time-sensitive to always evolve.  If you’re still figuring your way through the new California  Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), you’ve got millions in good company.

We would like to provide you with some additional resources to quickly reference, implement as needed, and get back to restful sleep:

What we can agree on is that privacy is paramount, and we’re committed to doing our part to protect it.

WebinarTop 5 HIPAA Compliance Pitfalls on Your Website and How to Fix Them

An estimated $5M was paid in penalties within the last year due to HIPAA non-compliance. Join Compliancy Group and SiteStaff Chat to learn your compliance risks, common HIPAA compliance mistakes made on medical websites, and the QUICK AND EASY STEPS necessary to repair and keep your business in compliance with HIPAA online.


With the design of his new website, Dr. Rapaport added a strategic conversion tool to have a powerful, lead-generating website.


Rapaport Plastic Surgery hired SiteStaff to drive more personally connected conversions from the new site.

Of the many performance measures the practice has instituted, they attribute success to:

Weekly review meetings with SiteStaff to sharpen qualification and further separate and convert surgical and non-surgical leads

• Generate an open-door philosophy to same-day non-surgical procedures

• The practice’s willingness to expand hours of operation (even on weekends) to accommodate visitor’s availability

• The practice’s strict sense-of-urgency lead response protocol

plastic surgeon case study

“Working with SiteStaff has been an absolute pleasure; they are extremely effective and professional in handling incoming leads to our website. We are so excited about the growth we’ve seen in our Practice as a result of working with SiteStaff. We have weekly meetings with their team to review specific chats and the chat hosts are quick to adapt and make changes, based on our recommendations.”

  • Ashley Davenport, Rapaport Plastic Surgery
plastic surgeon case study

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