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If you do not make a profit by utilizing our solution, we will not bill you until you do.

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We're not a third party. We're an extension of you.

Hi Michele, how can I help you today?

Am I talking to a real person? 🤔

You sure are! My name is Susanne. Nice to meet you!

Awesome!!! 😅🙌

Hi there! Do you have any questions for me today?

I do! But if I need to step away from the computer, will you be available later?

Absolutely! Our live chat hosts are here to help you, 24/7.

OMG thank you so much!!

Hello and welcome! What can I do for you?

I'm interested in learning more about how your company's services can help me, personally.

Sounds great! Tell me about what you're looking for, so I can help you with the right information.


With empathy-based interactions, your customers will feel the love.

Hi Victoria! How can I help you today?

Hi there. My father recently passed away and I’m looking for a community for my mom.

I am so sorry for your loss and I know how difficult this decision must be for you. We’re here to help you. How is your mom feeling about moving?

Thank you, I appreciate that.


SiteStaff Chat Host


Mobile Site Visitor

The numbers don't lie.

0% Reported Increased Sales

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Nearly 80% of businesses report that live chat has positively affected sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.

0% Increase in ROI

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Investing in a live chat team has shown to create an incremental increase in ROI of up to 105% in a B2C organization.

0% Appreciate Real Assistance

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70% of consumers prefer the assistance that comes from human chat hosts to AI technologies like chat bots.

0% Boosted Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction went up to the tune of 85% across our live chat teams in the year 2020 alone.

A website visitor holds the same value as the person who walks into a physical location.

—Bill Jennings, Owner/CEO

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Our industry-trained professionals will increase your incoming leads.

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A higher level of empathy and training means more qualified prospects.

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At the end of the day, SiteStaff Chat pays for itself by growing your overall ROI.

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Properly connect with your customers.

  • Help clients and patients get rapid answers and resolve issues.
  • Track and report vital information about each new visitor.
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance.
  • Engage with the public to build leads, converting new clients and patients.
  • Integrate SiteStaff Chat with your existing CRM.
  • Rest assured that your website visitors are feeling welcomed and heard.

SiteStaff has been a solid, reliable partner in providing live chat on our senior living community websites. They're quick to respond whenever we've had an issue.

I handle marketing for a private medical office and my employer has been with SiteStaff for over five years. I cannot imagine working with another chat partner other than SiteStaff.

SiteStaff Chat is a wonderful service that has helped add value and functionality to my company's website. The SiteStaff team is great to work with, and my team has greatly benefitted.

The agents are trained to respond with empathy and respect. They convey a caring attitude even through a written chat. Clients appreciate chatting with a real human.

In over 49 states with over 1,000,000 chats nationwide and in Canada!

We integrate with all of your favorite tools. Take a look at the many ways SiteStaff Chat can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, at no cost to you.

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